Visualization of Human Chromosomes
By Rhoda Ellis and Angela Mehlert

Wool on caste acrylic. 150cm x 150cm

The idea behind this project was to create a piece of artwork that would bring together people from art, science and the local community. Each person was given a project bag with wool, a pattern and stuffing material and asked to knit pair of chromosomes. Some chose to come together to ‘knit and natter’ while others we happy to take it away and knit them to bring them back knowing that they were part of the bigger piece. We chose the female karyotype, the scientific definition of ‘female’ as the image work towards. While we acknowledge that, from a gender perspective, this is not the only karyotype that might identify as a women, we wanted an image that would be recognizable to a more general audience as an expression of Women in Science.


Contributors: Angela Mehlert, Alice Dawson, Rhoda Ellis, Theresa Prophet, Cate Newton , Laura Diaz Saez, Luke Wilson, Tanith Marron, Diana Moonie, Daphne Groves, Doaa Yule, Kirsten Bennie, Nancy Giang, Jennifer Woof, Dawn Killean, Sarah Hussain, Natasha Cowley, Charlotte Bailey, Stephanie White, Darienne Tosh, Ulrika Kjeldsen, and Leona-Jayne Kelly.

Owned by the School of Life Sciences at the University of Dundee