My Philosophical training in Aesthetics has been heavily steeped in the Gadamerian tradition, not really surprising given that I chose to study Art, Philosophy, and Contemporary Practice at the University of Dundee, under the tutelage of one of the foremost Gadamerian Scholars, Prof. Nicholas Davey, and the Figurative Sculptor Anthony Morrow. I learned that the artwork becomes an interlocutor, a site for dialogue and discourse. In my practice, I learned to listen to the clay, to take part in the dialogue between artist and artwork. That I would know through some kind of sensuous knowledge when the figure was right and in doing so I have learned to accept failure as an integral part of the process and of my practice.

” Contemporary works are reflections on art, made by artists that act as philosophers” – Danto

My most recent research explored a correlation between the changing nature of sculptural practice – from the art object to the immersive experience, and the influence of the Phenomenological approaches to Art and Aesthetics.