Casting in Ciment Fondou

After the life-size figure I caste in Ciment Fondou a few months ago, I wanted to try the process again to refine my technique. Very pleased with the results.

Started with the clay “head” piece from the workshop we had from Tony Morrow.


Made a plaster waste mould and scooped out the clay.


Layer of muddy clay, then a thin layer of pure Ciment Fondou to coat the inside of the mould, then fill with 1:4 Ciment Fondou to sharp sand. Made one solid block this time, no need for internal reinforcement this time given the smaller size of the piece.

Next day, chipped the plaster away…


That feeling when the face reveals itself and you know it has worked!


Actually it has worked really well. Really pleased with the first caste I’ve done all-by-myself (how much like my two-year-old do I feel like right now!) I joke, but it’s given me a lot of confidence to do this again over the summer, when their be no-one there to hold my hand!


Rinsing off in the sink. The Ciment Fondou seems darker than when I did the full-sized figure, I wonder if this is because it was only in the plaster mould for a day, rather than over the holidays? More experimentation needed I feel. Also need to work on the finish, to try and retain that dark wet look.