Detailed clay “sketch” for Transcendent Man

This is a pose I keep returning to. In 2nd Year I came up with an idea for a sculpture but at the time I had no idea how to realize it. I wanted to make it out of “small units”, but I’m realizing that “plates” are more structurally sound.

This is a detailed sketched of that pose. I’ve been working on the accuracy of the measurements and the modelling.

IMG_0635 cropped

There were so many thing I did wrong in a technical sense, but it was good to go through that, and make those mistakes. I should have used a yacht vanish on the base to seal the wood so it wouldn’t draw water out of the clay. I should have made a clay plinth to rest the feet on. This would also have allowed me to model and extend the length of the lower limbs if necessary. I’ve remade the armature, this time with more aluminum in the arms, in order to make a second version.